Lake County, Montana

Weed Control
Services & Education
What we can do for you:
Weed education – pamphlets, books, etc.
Noxious weed presentations-Homeowners Associations, Clubs, etc.
Control noxious weeds along county rights-of-way
Assist landowners with weed problems
Design weed management plans
Assist in noxious weed trust fund grants
Assist with bio-control releases
Weed law enforcement “Noxious Weed Law”
Assist in sprayer calibration
GPS weed mapping and training
List of Commercial Applicators
Noxious weed seed free hay inspections and certifications
Take Weed Complaints
Equipment rentals
Source of various control agents for noxious weeds
Weed Tours

What you can do for us:
Find new infestations and report them
Control current infestations
Buy certified hay
Buy certified seed
Clean vehicles after leaving an infested area
Learn to identify all noxious weeds

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