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The Lake County Weed Control District is offering a weed sprayer rental program to Lake County residents. This program was set up to make weed spraying equipment available, and to help the residents of Lake County to control noxious weeds on their property. The rental fee is used to maintain the rental equipment in good working order and to update equipment when needed. There are various types/sizes of liquid chemical sprayers available for rent. An appointment to rent these sprayers can be made through the Lake County Weed Control Office. Remember to call ahead as the sprayers go fast during certain times of the year. The equipment available as well as rental prices are listed below:

# Available Type Gallon Cost/Acre Cost/Day
3 Backpack sprayer 3 $10

1 ATV Tank Sprayer - handline only ATV not included 25 $35

2 Portable Tank sprayer - handline only 30/55   $35

3 Skid Mount/Slide in sprayer - handline and boomless 200 $1 $50

1 Skid Mount/Slide in sprayer - handline and boomless 150 $1 $50

1 Skid Mount/Slide in sprayer - handline and boomless 110 $1 $50

3 Trailer Sprayers - handline and boomless 200 $1 $50

picture of rental sprayer packs picture of rental spray trucks picture of rental spray tanks

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