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Current Projects: Rush Skeletonweed

Whitetop Relief Project:
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Rush Skeletonweed:
Rush Skeletonweed is a new invader to Lake County. Some sites that it has been located are Irvine Flats and top of Polson hill.

Recently Closed Projects:

Purple Loosestrife Management Project: Purple loosestrife
Purple Loosestrife is an introduced European ornamental species that often escapes to aquatic sites such as streambanks or shorelines of shallow ponds. Infestations can become dense and once established will displace native wetland vegetation, impede water flow in canals and ditches and diminish wildlife habitat. Purple loosestrife Purple Loosestrife is a noxious weed in Montana and Lake County and the Lake County Weed District has been involved in the eradication of Purple Loosestrife since 1989, when the project first began. In the past the Lake County Weed District has requested and recieved grant money to help monitor, inventory, and eradicate Purple Loosestrife in Lake County. To date the project has been a cooperative effort among several agencies including the CSK Tribes Dept. of Lands, The National Bison Range, Montana Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks, as well as numerous concerned landowners.

Yellowflag Iris Control Project:
Yellowflag Iris is an ornamental plant that originated in Europe, British Isles, North Africa and the Mediterranean Region. Yellowflag Iris grows in wet areas like rivers, ponds, and irrigation ditches and often forms large, dense colonies similar to cattails.yellowflagiris The Lake County Weed District began the Yellowflag Iris Control Project in 2004. The project consists of roughly 500 acres of continuous streams, irrigation canals and flood plains.

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