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Title Transfers
You need to contact your dealer to ensure your title work has been sent to our office. Registration periods will change with ownership. Motor homes and heavy trucks will no longer have expiration dates of 4/30/YY and 12/31/YY when ownership is transferred. The registration by the new owner will be for a period of 1 year. Fee in lieu of tax will no longer transfer with the vehicle. Back taxes will no longer be collected effective January 1, 2006. This includes renewals as well as title transfers.

Temporary Registration Permit (TRP)
A Temporary registration permit (TRP) will be valid for 40 days. There is only one TRP which is valid for 40 days. There is a $3 fee for a TRP for Montana residents and an $8 for non-residents. (Fees are subject to change at any time)
 Instructions on how to complete title transfer and registration through the mail in Montana. We will need your Montana title, Out of State title, or Manufactures Certificate of Origin.
List of what is needed:
  • Names to be on the title; Please make a definite point to instruct the dealership (if purchase by a dealer, if not please apply the following to yourself or whom ever is completing the title application) on how you would like your name(s) printed on the title, as well as who’s name is to be on the title. We cannot always change the names once we receive the title work.
  • Phone Number
  • Address to mail the plates and registration to
  • Address to mail title to (if different from above address)
  • If a proper mailing address is not included and you do not receive you plates, registration and/or title, there will be a charge to you to replace them
  • Montana physical address. This is used for proof of residency as well as for 911 purposes. (A thorough search will be done to guarantee that you do have residency in the state of Montana, as well as Lake County, it is unlawful for a vehicle to be registered here if the owner is not a resident, a list of what we will accept for proof of residency is listed below. This has become a Federal issue and is being investigated by the FBI)
  • Plate choice (see all the different choices see license plates)
  • Vehicle Identification Number
  • Lien Holder Information (if applicable)
  • Color of the Vehicle
  • Dealer Name and Phone number
  • Any alterations, use of correction fluid or erasures voids the title and/or documents
  • If any tax exemptions may apply, please contact us by phone or e-mail for special instructions
  • Any required forms can be downloaded from DMV Forms
  • ID required for everyone listed on title

  • List of what we require for proof of residency:
  • Any primary or secondary document as listed in ARM23.3.131
  • A U.S. or Montana income tax return for the previous year
  • A Montana voter registration card
  • A receipt for personal or real property taxes paid within the last year to the state of Montana or a Montana county
  • A current automobile or life insurance policy or statement
  • A certified copy of school records issued by the school the applicant is currently attending or attended within four months of the application
  • Home mortgage or equity loan papers showing the applicant’s name and residence address, a rural address will be accepted when there is not another physical address
  • Either of the following: A payroll check or payroll check stub, A utility bill or utility hook-up order, Both of the above must be dated within the last 4 months

  • Once we receive all of the applicable information listed above, we will contact you with further instructions if necessary.
    The State of Montana requires vehicles that are issued two plates must display Both plates; the registration sticker should be displayed on the back plate.

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