Lake County, Montana

Zoning Districts and Regulations within Lake County
There are 16 zoning districts in Lake County. Thirteen of those districts are administered by the Lake County Planning Department.

The City/County Zoning District is jointly administered by the City of Polson (within the city limits) and Lake County Planning Department (outside of the city limits). Currently each jurisdiction uses a version of the Polson Development Code tailored to that jurisdiction.

Zoning regulations are updated from time to time.

If you would like to participate in one of the zoning regulation reviews, please contact the Lake County Planning Department.

New zoning districts may also be created from time to time.

Click here for a primer on establishing new zoning district
s Lake County Planning Department staff may help facilitate the formation of a new zoning district if a majority of landowners in an area would like to develop a zoning district and they demonstrate commitment to the process.
Zoning Districts: Lake County Zoning District Map
East Shore  
Finley Point Zoning Map
Historic Kootenai Lodge
Kings Point
Lower Bug Creek
Lake Mary Ronan
Melita Island Road
Merritt Ranch
South Ronan
Stone Ridge Estates
Swan Sites
Upper West Shore
City County Planning Area: Lake County’s Polson Development Code
City of Ronan
Town of St Ignatius

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