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Our Vision Statement
 The crystal clear lakes, turquoise rivers and winding creeks, towering mountains, forests and green fertile valleys provide the foundation for the world class recreational opportunities enjoyed both by Lake County residents and visitors from afar. It is the shared values, unique to our towns and people, this plan intends to grow and encourage. Following this document as a guide, Lake County aims to build trails connecting communities, ensure citizens have access to the lakes, rivers and outdoors, find opportunities to build and improve facilities, and provide people with a connection to sport and nature.

About Us
Lake County owns a number of parcels throughout the county that are developed or could be developed for parkland purposes. Periodically the County completes an inventory and assessment to determine if the parkland and recreation needs of county residents aparks logore being met or if additional development is needed.

In addition, the assessment evaluates existing trail systems to determine if there is adequate connection between schools, parks, and population centers and it helps to identify locations where additional trails are needed. In 2012, Lake County conducted site surveys of many of the County-owned properties and solicited comments regarding parks usage from Lake County residents through a public survey. Data gathered was used to develop the “Lake County Parks and Trails Management Plan” which was adopted by Lake County in November of 2014.

Parks & Trails Plan PDF
If you have any questions regarding the Parks and Trails Plan, please contact Kate Stinger in the Lake County Commissioner's Office. 

Board Members
Park board members

Janet Sucha President & Secretary (406) 644-2428  
Connie Plaissay Charlo Member
Tom McDonald Ronan Member    
Jennifer Rolfness Ronan Member    
Mike Roberts Polson Member    
Grant Holle Woods Bay Member    
Kate Stinger Commissioners Exec. Admin Asst. (406) 883-7278

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