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Clerk & Recorder
Recording Services
The Clerk and Recorder's department records or files all public documents pertaining to property in Lake County, as well as various miscellaneous documents.

Documents are recorded as quickly as possible. The date, time, fee, and recording number are placed on the document as soon as it is presented for recording. The information is then entered daily into our computer index, scanned, and zipped to our web site. Each week the original paper documents are returned to the address given when the document is recorded.
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7-4-2636 Standards for recorded documents

Recording Documents

A document for recording must have an original notarized signature.

Documents we record include but are not limited to :
Bill of Sale Deeds
Discharges - Discharges from Military Services Decrees - Court orders and Decrees
     Contract for deed
     Notices of Purchasers' Interest and similar documentation
     Assignments of Interest in Contracts for deeds
Easements - Easements and Rights of Way
(does not include “deeded” rights of way when land is being conveyed)
Leases -  Oil, Gas, Mineral, General Powers of Attorney
     Deeds of Reconveyances
     Partial Reconveyances
     Partial Releases and partial satisfactions of mortgages
     Termination of Trust Indentures and/or Deeds of Trust, etc.
     Notices of Cancellation and all documents relating thereto
     Mortgages or Trust Indentures    
     Deeds of Trust
     Mortgage Extension Agreements
     Mortgage Subordination Agreements
     Assignments of Mortgages, Deeds of Trust, etc.
     Appointments of Successor Trustee
     Notices of Trustee's Sale
     Assignments of Beneficiary's interest
     Mortgage foreclosures or documents relating thereto
Filing Documents
Filing fee for an entire document costs $5.00. The documents are indexed, scanned and microfilm is created for archival purposes. A filed document must have an original signature.

Documents we file include but are not limited to :
Federal tax liens Mining Claims
Financing Statements - Amendments, Continuations, Terminations, Partial Releases Miscellaneous
Liens - construction, mechanics, HOA, etc. Notice of Right to Claim a Lien
Lien Releases Oil and Gas Leases
Lis Pendens and Releases Plats

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