County Attorney's Office

The County Attorney’s Office prosecutes all felony cases; as well a portion of misdemeanor cases which occur within the county. We do accept electronic service (email) of court filings served upon the office.

The Lake County Attorney’s office collaborates with all law enforcement agencies in Lake County. The office is prohibited by law from giving legal advice to private citizens regarding legal matters. If you have questions regarding civil matters, you should contact a private attorney. If you feel a crime has been committed, contact your local police department if the crime was committed within city boundaries; otherwise contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for non-emergencies (406-883-7279).

Payments for money owed to the Attorney’s Office can be mailed to:

The Lake County Attorney’s Office

106 4th Ave E

Polson, MT 59860

We accept only cashier’s checks, money orders or cash (for the exact amount only). Credit card payments and personal checks will not be accepted. Payments can be made between 8:30 and 4:30 on regular business days when the Courthouse is open.

If you are a civil attorney looking for Discovery for a civil case, please contact our office for a copy of our most recent rate sheet.