Services & Education

What We Can Do for You

  • Weed education - pamphlets, books, etc.
  • Noxious weed presentations-Homeowners Associations, Clubs, etc.
  • Control noxious weeds along county rights-of-way
  • Assist landowners with weed problems
  • Design weed management plans
  • Assist in noxious weed trust fund grants
  • Assist with bio-control releases
  • Weed law enforcement "Noxious Weed Law"
  • Assist in sprayer calibration
  • GPS weed mapping and training
  • List of Commercial Applicators
  • Noxious weed seed free hay inspections and certifications
  • Take Weed Complaints
  • Equipment rentals
  • Source of various control agents for noxious weeds
  • Weed Tours

What You Can Do for Us

  • Find new infestations and report them
  • Control current infestations
  • Buy certified hay
  • Buy certified seed
  • Clean vehicles after leaving an infested area
  • Learn to identify all noxious weeds