Detention Facility

The Lake County Detention Facility is a minimal security facility. Questions Regarding current inmates or services provided by the Lake County Detention Facility please call: 406-883-7272. You may also view the daily Detention Roster. Visitation is every Saturday and Sunday, but you must call to set up a visit appointment. 

The facility can house up to 42 inmates, has four solitary rooms, one juvenile solitary room, and a recreational area. It is manned by detention officers at all times. Other support staff includes a Control Officer at the front desk handling incoming and outgoing inmates, communication, as well as other daily issues and services. A transport officer who handles the day to day transports of inmates to and from Lake County. 

Detention Facility History

Around 1976, The Lake County Sheriff's moved the Detention Facility from the North end of the Courthouse basement to the South end creating much needed space. Deputies helped man the (jail) Detention Facility at that time as well. Later, Detention Officers were then hired to man the Detention Facility and worked 12 hour shifts beginning at 6 am and 6 pm. There was only one Detention Officer on shift and they were responsible for the care of up to and sometimes over 80 inmates at one time.

In March of 1995, an inmate was murdered in Lake County Detention and spurred a law suit by the ACLU and inmates family that changed the course of incarcerations in Lake County. Lake County Detention employed only six Detention Officers at this time. By the end of ligation with the ACLU, Lake County Detention Facility had a minimum of two officers on shift at all times, and the number of inmates due to jail space and man power was limited. The maximum capacity was 42 inmates. Lake County had also built the addition to the Lake County Courthouse which now offered inmates a recreation area for daily exercise and two larger size isolation cells. This addition also created two more stories of office space for the court house.

By late 2010, Lake County Detention Facility had reached it maximum capacity of inmates and staff for the facility. Staff went from six Detention Officers to now 20 Detention Officers. Lake County Detention Officers, once hired, are required by Montana Law to attend required State offered training to become a Certified Detention Officer with in one year of employment. Corrections/Detention Officer Basic otherwise known as CDOB is four weeks long and completion of this course is required to maintain employment with Lake County Detention Facility.