Planning Department

Mission Statement

State of Montana OutlineThe Lake County Planning Department works to provide quality service to the public while encouraging responsible development, growth, and land uses throughout the County. The Planning Department strives to

  • Promote public health and safety
  • Prevent activities that adversely impact the quality of life
  • Encourage activities that preserve and protect the natural environment, water quality, wildlife habitat, and economic and agricultural opportunities for future generations

Tasks assigned to the Planning Department include:

  • General long-range land use planning
  • Click Here for Lake County Board Items Opens in new windowGrowth Policy implementation
  • Subdivision review and permitting
  • Subdivision exemption review
  • Certificate of Survey and Plat review
  • Zoning administration and permitting
  • Building notification permitting
  • Lakeshore construction permitting
  • Floodplain development and permitting
  • Property Research

Volunteer Positions

Volunteers participate on the following boards. If you have questions about the area of jurisdiction for a particular board or vacancies, please check with Lake County Planning Department. Terms begin on January 1. Positions are open until filled.

Please submit a letter of interest and a completed application for the specific board in which you are interested in Lake County Planning. An application may be obtained through this page. If you have experience that may be relevant to the review of land use or growth management, please include this in your submittal.

Volunteer Position Documents