The Sheriff's Administration is staffed by the Sheriff, Undersheriff, Detention Captain, Patrol Lieutenant, Detention Sergeants, Patrol Sergeants, two full time support staff, and one part time support staff. All oversee the various daily operational tasks and duties of the Lake County Sheriff's Office.


The Sheriff's Administration is responsible for processing all concealed weapons permit applications for Lake County. This includes background checks and actual issuance of the permit. Sheriff's Administration is responsible for a detention facility that can house up to 42 inmates. Detention transport officers also transport prisoners between various state and local facilities.

The Sheriff's Office utilizes the public safety mill levy and presently administers a budget in excess of 3 million dollars. Budgeted costs are focused in the areas of inmate medical services, vehicle fleet management, and internal staffing, with the foremost priority of ensuring that the basic law enforcement services are adequately maintained to meet the statutory duties of the sheriff. The Sheriff's Office presently manages and has been awarded grants to partially fund officers' ballistic armor, additional DUI patrols, and looks forward to beginning a new program with the U.S. Border Patrol under Operation Stone Garden, to assist in the identification of people who are illegally in our country.


The Sheriff's Office currently is staffed by 46 employees including 23 sworn and 23 non-sworn civilian personnel filling the positions of detention and support staff. We are also fortunate to staff a small group of volunteers who make up our Reserve Deputy and Chaplain program.