Legal Notices


 Upcoming meetings may be held using a virtual format. If you would like to be a participant in one of the county’s upcoming meetings listed on this page, please contact the Planning Department.

The Planning Department will process project-specific requests for additional information using the best means available and in the order received. Requests should be directed to the Planning Department.


On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, at 3:30 pm, the Lake County Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing in the large conference room (Room 316) of the Lake County Courthouse.  The options for attendance are through ZOOM* or in person.  The hearing will include the following items:        


Sean and Cynthia O’Dell are requesting a conditional use approval to allow for a home occupation consisting of a cannabis grow operation within an existing building on their property in the East Shore Zoning District. The +/-2.5-acre subject property is located at 21121 MT Hwy 35 within the East Shore Zoning District and is legally described as lot 1 of SP 132, located in section 20 of T25N, R19W.


Duane Kannberg is requesting conditional use approval to allow for a temporary dwelling unit during the construction of a new single-family residence in the Finley Point Zoning District, Sub-Unit A, Highway Lakeside. The +/-2.2-acre subject property is legally described as tract 1A on COS 5670 located within section 10, T23N, R19W. 

Information regarding the agenda items is available from the Lake County Planning Dept. Written comments received by December 5, 2022, will be included in the staff report to the board. All written and verbal comments are welcome and will be forwarded to the board for their consideration. Comments received after December 5 will be provided to the board at the meeting, which may not provide sufficient time for review of the comment. Comments may be mailed to Lake County Planning Dept, 106 4th Ave E, Polson, MT 59860 or faxed: 406-883-7205 or e-mailed: .

Please note: If you would like to attend the public hearing via ZOOM, please contact the Planning Department at the email above or at (406) 883-7235 prior to the meeting to receive instructions regarding how to attend the meeting virtually.