Geographic Information System (GIS) & Mapping

The Lake County GIS Department isGIS Department Logo (JPG) primarily responsible for maintaining Lake County's electronicspatial databases and creating products that assist with decision-making, records management, data collection, and information visualization.

Additionally, this office is responsible for assigning new addresses within the County that are outside of incorporated city limits, aiding in the creation of new road names, and providing the base with which the Plat Room parcel records are maintained.  This office uses the backdrop of geospatial expertise to provide solutions for a wide array of information needs.

The GIS Department standard pricing was set by Lake County Board of Commissioners Resolution 22-21.  If you have any questions regarding pricing or services, please email the GIS Department, call the office at (406) 883-7212, or visit us in person in the Lake County Courthouse.

To apply for a new address, please fill out the Address Application. Once an application is received, it can take 2 to 3 weeks to assign an address, dependent on weather.

Address and property information can be found on our online Address and Parcel Map, or on the Montana Cadastral site. If errors are found on the Montana Cadastral site, please contact the Montana Department of Revenue.

Our office works to provide online tools and maps to promote access to public information.  Our maps are designed to service the public at large, however, we recognize that those with color vision deficiency or other visual impairments may require additional accommodation to view the information.   If you find you need any accommodation while accessing our services, please contact our office.

Interactive Maps

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