Lake County Public Health offers immunizations for children and adults.

Walk-in immunization clinic is held every Tuesday from 1:30-4:30 PM or you may schedule an appointment by calling 406-883-7288.


Lake County Public Health makes every effort to provide affordable vaccines for Lake County residents. We offer insurance billing. For those who are self-pay, immunizations are offered on a sliding fee scale based on your income. However, no child will be denied immunization due to an inability to pay.

Donations for services are appreciated.

What Are Immunizations?

Immunizations help protect you and your child from disease. They also help reduce the spread of disease to others and prevent epidemics. In many cases when you get a vaccine, you get a tiny amount of the organism that causes the disease. This amount is not enough to give you the actual disease but it is enough to cause your immune system to make antibodies that can recognize and attack the organism if you are ever exposed to it. Sometimes a vaccine does not completely prevent the disease, but it will make the symptoms much less serious if you do get it. Some immunizations are given only once, others require several doses over time.

Why Should You Get Immunized?

  • Immunizations protect you and your child from dangerous diseases
  • They help reduce the spread of disease to others
  • Getting immunized costs less than getting treated for the diseases that the shots protect you from
  • Vaccines have very few serious side effects
  • They are often needed for entrance into school, daycare, or travel

If you are a woman who is planning to get pregnant, talk to your doctor about what immunizations you have had and what you may need to protect your baby. It is now recommended that pregnant women receive TDap with each pregnancy. If you live with a pregnant woman, make sure that your vaccines are up-to-date as well.

What Vaccines Are Recommended for Adults?

The vaccines you need as an adult depend on your gender, age, lifestyle, travel plans, overall health, and what vaccines you had as a child.

For further information please visit the CDC's vaccine recommendations.


Traveling to other countries may be another reason to get immunized. Schedule an appointment 6 months (if possible) before you leave to see if you need any shots.

Lake County Public Health does not provide consultation visits for travel, however, we recommend the Travel Clinic services provided by:

Flathead City-County Health Department
1035 1st Avenue W
Kalispell, MT 59901
Phone: 406-751-8110

Missoula City-County Health Department
301 W Alder Street
Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: 406-258-4745

Once you have completed a consultation visit, the recommended vaccines may be available at Lake County Public Health.