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Weather Radios

Weather radios are a vital component of the Emergency Alert system in Montana. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio is system is the backbone of the Emergency Alert System (EAS). All EAS messages are sent out over the NOAA Weather Radio System, where they are then picked up and redistributed by local radio and television stations.

Individuals are highly encouraged to obtain a NOAA Weather Radio with SAME Technology for their residence so they will receive EAS Messages directly. Weather radios have many advantages for notification in that they are silent until an EAS Message is sent, then it will set off an alarm 24/7.

Be sure to obtain a radio that has battery backup in case of a power outage. Be sure to change the batteries regularly.

Numerous accessories are available for special applications such as the deaf, and hard of hearing community.

NOAA weather radios are available from many retail stores in Lake County as well as online venders.


  • Lake County’s SAME Code is: 030047

NOAA Weather Radio Frequencies

Lake County has two NOAA weather radio frequencies, they are:

  • 162.550 Transmitting in Kalispell and serving North Lake County and the Swan Valley
  • 162.400 Transmitting in Missoula and serving South Lake County

Further Weather Information

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