Emergency Preparedness

Why Prepare?

The threat of infectious diseases, natural disasters, and terrorism can happen anytime, anywhere, and Lake County is no exception.

What Does LCPH's Emergency Preparedness Program Do?

Our goal with emergency preparedness is to provide and support effective planning with community partners both in preparation and in the event of a disaster. The planning process includes both management of public health emergencies and education within the community to make people aware of what to do before an emergency arises. During a public health emergency, we will play a vital role in maintaining the health of our community. We aim to keep "well people well" and prevent the spread of disease in the event of a major health risk through timely and effective public information and, if warranted, making sure people have needed medication.

Who Do We Work With?

Lake County Public Health cannot prepare the community alone. Therefore, we have built strong relationships with community organizations within Lake County. The Lake County Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program works with representatives from CSKT Tribes, law enforcement, the Lake County Office of Emergency Management, hospitals, fire departments, Red Cross, RSVP, county agencies, school districts, and elected officials to develop plans that minimize the effects of an event, improve the response times of the agencies, and maximizes the recovery of the community.

By working together, the organizations that will be involved in a public health emergency will all use the same incident command structure, know how to communicate with each other, and effectively keep the community safe and healthy.

More Information on What You Can Do to Be Prepared