Public Health

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If you've ever had a vaccination, taken your baby to a clinic for a checkup, expected restaurants to be clean and tobacco-free, been screened for tuberculosis, HIV, or a sexually transmitted disease, wondered how to avoid getting pregnant or getting the flu, or what to eat to stay healthy, then you've been touched by the efforts of public health nurses and educators.

Lake County Public Health works to protect and improve our communities by preventing epidemics and the spread of disease, promoting healthy choices and lifestyles for individuals and families, protecting against hazards in homes, work, and communities, assuring high-quality health care services, and preparing for and responding to emergencies.

Most people don't realize the impact that Public Health has on their lives, but there are examples all around you. There are factors that determine your health that you can control and there are factors that you cannot. It's Public Health that fights both of those battles. Public Health isn't something that matters to someone else - Public Health is your health.

HB702 prohibits discrimination based on a person’s vaccination status or possession of an immunity passport.  View full requirements (PDF).