A survey checkprint (first draft) and the closure sheets are submitted to the Lake County Planning Department with a check for the appropriate fee, made payable to the Lake County Planning Department for the Examining Land Surveyor fee.

A Lake County routing slip is filled out and Lake County Environmental Health Department staff review the survey for compliance with Montana sanitation requirements. Planning Department staff then review the survey for compliance with any applicable zoning regulations and Lake County policies. Staff then log the survey into our draft survey database prior to the Examining Land Surveyor picking up the survey to review for compliance with Montana's survey requirements.

The Examining Land Surveyor then returns the check print to the Planning Department after he has reviewed it. At that time, the survey is sent back to the original surveyor for corrections, if any, and to make the final set of surveys for recording. Lake County requires three copies, two mylars, and one paper copy to record along with any accompanying documents (sanitation approvals, certificates of title, transfer documents, etc.).

Next, the record set is routed to the Examining Land Surveyor for his signature. The Environmental Health Department makes a final check (some surveyors include a signature line for Environmental Health to sign off on), and then the Planning Department receives it and ensures the final package complies with all state and local statutes. A check for the recording fees (made payable to the Clerk and Recorder) must accompany the record set. When the filing package is complete, the Planning Director will take it to the Clerk and Recorder's office for recording.