Grounds & Arena Waiver

  • Waivers must be on file BEFORE riding in the arena. 

Arena Weekly Schedule:

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Morning- Barrel Racing Practice.

  • 9-12pm

Arena Expectations:

  • The barrel pattern must be ran West to East.
  • After you finished your barrel practice the barrels must be returned to the area side. 
  • Please do not run on the barrel markers in the arena. 
  • Please do not tie in the arena, your horses must be tied to your trailer.
  • Please contact Sjaan Vincent to schedule your rides, 406-396,0807.

2023 Arena Fees:

  • Day Pass $15.00
  • Season Pass: $150.00
  • Family Season Pass $ 160.00

If you have an event that is not listed, and you would like it listed, please email the Fair Director.