Board of Lake County Commissioners


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Bill BarronBill Barron

District 1 Commissioner
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Gale DeckerGale Decker

District 3 Commissioner
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Steve Stanley

Steve Stanley

District 2 Commissioner
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Kate Stinger smallerKate Stinger

Executive Administrative Assistant
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Lake County is governed by an elected Board of three Commissioners who represent one of the three Lake County districts. Currently, Bill Barron represents the North District, Gale Decker the Middle District, and Steve Stanley the South District. Although each Commissioner represents a District, all voters in the County elect the Commissioners. The only legal requirements for running for the office is that the candidate must be a citizen of the state of Montana, be of voting age, and reside in the district they represent for at least 2 years immediately preceding the general election. Terms of the Commissioners are six years. County government is the most accessible of all levels of government to the citizens of the United States. Lake County is unique in that it is the only Montana county seat on an Indian Reservation, which brings a very interesting and diverse set of challenges.

The Board of Lake County Commissioners oversees the providing of essential services to the citizens of the County. They work with other elected county officials and department heads to provide some of the following services: Road maintenance, public safety, land planning, environmental health, tax collections, recording of legal documents, courts, and emergency services.