Junk Vehicle Program

In 1973, the state legislature passed the Motor Vehicle Recycling and Disposal Act. This innovative law provided a way to clean up junk vehicles from the state's landscape. When vehicles are licensed, a fee is included that provides for the collection of junk vehicles. In Lake County, when a person wants a junk vehicle hauled away, they simply call the hauling contractor, sign a release form, and the vehicle is hauled to the county vehicle graveyard at no additional charge. The contractor also removes any remaining refrigerant gas, fuel, and other fluids from the vehicle.

Junk Mobile Home Incentive Program Introduction

The Lake County Junk Mobile Home Incentive Program (JMHIP) was created in 2019, under House Bill 15, to assist the property owners of the State of Montana in removing junk mobile homes. In order to qualify for the JMHIP, the mobile home will need to meet the definitions cited in MCA 15-24-201(4) and MCA 75- 10-501(4).