Plat Room

What do we do?

The Plat Department maintains surveys recorded in Lake County as well as the history of property transfers in plat books, filed by section, township, and range or by subdivision name.

Online Records

Surveys, section maps, plats and deed exhibits can be downloaded by selecting COMMUNITY SERVICES on the top navigation bar and selecting DOWNLOADS (top of the middle column). 

Montana Cadastral

If you would like to research current property ownership via the internet, you may utilize Montana Cadastral. This website is maintained by the Montana Department of Revenue.


Plat Department maintains surveys recorded in Lake County, including:

  • Certificates of surveys (COS)
  • Subdivision Plats
  • Minor Subdivision Plats (SP)
  • Deed Exhibits

Many historical records are filed in the plat department, such as:

  • General Land office survey
  • Homestead entry surveys (HES)
  • Survey corner records
  • Montana Department of Transportation highway right-of-way plans

Records filed with surveys are available in our office, including:

  • Montana DEQ Certificates of plat approval
  • Restrictive covenants for subdivisions
  • Easements
  • J-files

Additional maps are available from the GIS Office.

  1. Printing Fees
  2. MISC Maps
Plat Room Documents
  • Document Copies - $0.50 1st page, $0.25 additional pages for same document
  • Certificate of Survey (COS) 18 in x 24 - $3.00
  • Subdivision Plat 24 in x 36 in - $5.00
  • Road Map 24 in x 36 in - $8.00
  • Section Map (B/W) 18 in x 24 in - $3.00
  • Section Map (Color) 18 in x 24 in - $8.00
  • Emailed PDF - $3.00 per document
  • *Shipping fees will applied for mailed documents.

Property Titles

The plat room does not provide title searches, document templates or legal advice. Public computers are provided in the office if individuals want to research property records. 

Boundary Lines

Local administrative boundaries are maintained digitally by the Geographical Information System (G.I.S.) Department and are available upon request. A wide variety of G.I.S. data for Lake County can be downloaded from the Montana State Library Natural Resource Inventory System (NRIS).