Clerk of District Court

Our Purpose

The Great Seal of the State of MontanaThe Clerk of District Court is the official keeper of all District Court records for Lake County. These records include:

  • Adoption cases
  • Civil cases
  • Criminal cases
  • Dependent Neglect cases
  • Domestic Relations cases
  • Guardianship cases
  • Juvenile cases
  • Probate cases
  • Sanity cases

It is the Clerk of Court's responsibility to ensure accurate and up-to-date records. The Clerk also issues, files, and records all Lake County marriage license applications and licenses.

The majority of all Clerk of Court records are open to the public. Records are searched daily by title companies, credit agencies, investigative agencies, and the general public. Searches, copies, and certified copies are provided upon request; fees are charged according to the statute.

The Clerk of District Court also serves as Jury Commissioner for Lake County. As required by statute, each year the Secretary of State provides a combined list of registered voters, licensed drivers, and holders of Montana ID Cards to the Clerk of District Court. This list is stored and maintained electronically and it is from this list that jurors are pulled for City, Justice and District Court Judges. It is the Clerk's duty to maintain an accurate listing of all selected jurors and to pull individual jury panels for the District Court Judges upon request.

View the list of County Clerk of District Court resources.

Legal Advice

Montana State statutes MCA 3-1-601 and 7-4-2210 prohibit the Clerk of Court's office from giving legal advice or preparing legal documents. Notary Public services are not available in this office. The Clerk of Court's office does not provide legal forms; the Montana Law Library may have useful forms and information.

Law & Motion Days

Department 1 Judge Molly Owen; Wednesday at 9 am

Department 2 Judge Deborah K. Christopher; Thursday at 9 am

Most District Court proceedings are open to the public and trials are held periodically throughout the year.

U.S. Passport Information

Passport applications are processed by appointment only, please contact our office. You must have all required documents, photocopies, and passport photos or the appointment will be rescheduled. In addition, two separate payments will be required (credit or debit cards are not accepted). If you have any questions about completing the application prior to your appointment, please visit the Department of State website or call the National Passport Information Center 877-487-2778.

Passport Renewal Applications are not processed through this office, please refer to the renewal application or contact the Department of State.

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