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McDonald Lake, Ronan Montana
Lake County Plat Room/GIS Department

How to contact us:

106 Fourth Avenue East
Polson, MT 59860
Phone: (406) 883-7213
Phone: (406) 883-7212 ~ GIS
Fax: (406) 883-7283

Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Plat Department maintains surveys recorded in Lake County, including:

• Certificates of Survey (COS’s)
• Subdivision Plats
• Minor Subdivision Plats (SP’s)

We also maintain the history of property transfers in plat books, filed by section, township, and range or by subdivision name. Section maps in the plat books are updated each time a property boundary changes and are maintained in both hard copy and digital form. Survey plats are available in digital form, either on CD or by email, and new plats are scanned every six months.

Property boundary changes are updated on the computer by the GIS Department and transferred quarterly to the Montana Information Technology Services Division’s Cadastral Mapping Project. The ITSD maintains a website of our parcel data which is linked to property appraisal records (CAMA data) from the Montana Department of Revenue. If you would like to research current property ownership via the Internet, go to  .

Additional maps are available from the plat office, including maps of:
• Incorporated cities in Lake County (Polson, Ronan, and St. Ignatius)
• Zoning districts
• School districts
• Voting precincts
• Fire districts
• Herd districts
• Public roads
• Montana Department of Transportation highway right-of-way plans

Prices for our hard copy maps are here

Many historical records are filed in the plat department, such as:
• General Land Office survey plats
• Deed exhibits
• Homestead entry surveys (HES)
• Survey corner records

Records filed with surveys are available from our office, including:
• Montana DEQ certificates of plat approval
• Restrictive covenants for subdivisions
• Easements
• Jfiles

Due to the volume of assistance requests for our office, we normally do not research property title one easements, but instead refer customers to the local abstract and title companies in Lake County. We will be happy to provide copies of documents when requested by recording number, grantee/grantor, or date.

Local administrative boundaries are maintained digitally by the GIS department and are available upon request. A wide variety of GIS data for Lake County can be downloaded from the Montana State Library Natural Resource Inventory System (NRIS) website at:

NRIS also maintains an interactive mapping website at  where users can view topographic maps and digital orthophotos (where available).

Lake County Plat Department

Map Photocopy Price List


Section Maps (18 x 24) $3.00
COSs (18 x 24) $3.00
Subdivision Plats (24 x 36) $5.00
Lake County Road Maps $6.00
Document Copies $ .50 1st page
$ .25 addition pages

Letter or legal size color print $1.50
17 x 22 Color Map $5.00
24 x 36 Color Map $7.00
34 x 44 Color Map $10.00
18 x 24 Black & White $3.00
24 x 36 Black & White $5.00
34 x 44 Black & White $7.00
CD $7.00

* Shipping Charges will be applied for mailed items*

GIS custom map per hourly state employee market rate MC2-6-110



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