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Lake County Superintendent of Schools


Contact Information:

School Superintendent:

Carolyn O. Hall
Phone: (406) 883-7262

Fax: (406) 883-7283

Deputy Financial Assistant:

Beth Rowley
Lake County Court House Rm 202
106 4th Ave E.

Polson Montana 59860

Duties of the County Superintendent of Schools as per MCA 20-3-205 include:

  • General supervision of public schools in the county in collaboration with Montana's Office of Public Instruction.

  • Promotion of educational growth and improvement, including regular attendance at Superintendents' and Clerks' meetings.

  • Chief County School Financial Officer, including budgeting assistance & A Graphic Report on School Finance

  • Record keeping of numerous official school records, including the history of the schools, see: Lake County's Rural Schools tab at

  • Maintenance of homeschool records which requires any parent or legal guardian choosing to homeschool to notify their local County Superintendent of Schools anually and provide immunization and attendance records.

  • Registration of teacher certificates which must occur within 60 days of employment

  • Serving as the Court of Appeal for contested school controversy cases. Appeals must be filed within 30 days of a school board decision that meets the criteria of a contested case.

  • Assistance with school trustee elections in collaboration with the Elections Office and local school districts.

  • Chairing the Lake County School Transportation Committee in June and October.

  • General supervision of transportation - Districts provide transportation to children living 3 or more miles from the closest school or bus stop by providing bussing or reimbursement to the parent or legal guardian through an individual Transportation Contract (TR-4) due annually to the school clerk by June 1. *Transportation costs of children attending school outside their own district of residence are the responsibility of the parent; public funds may not be used.

  • Acts on district organization, alteration, abandonment, and boundary changes and is a member of the High School Boundary Commission.

  • Supervision of rural schools: Upper West Shore Elementary at Dayton, Valley View Elementary, and Salmon Prairie Elementary - schools with enrollment less than 150 students and not under the supervision of a district superintendent or principal.


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